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Cyberhorse Catalogues are a new innovation for the horse industry where advertisers can target specific segments instead of being lost in a maze of unrelated listings.

For viewers who are only interested in specific types of horses Cyberhorse Catalogues are organised so that each Catalogue is limited to a dozen high quality entries which can be browsed in a short time on a mobile device.

Advertisers who want to reach the entire horse industry can sponsor a number of different catalogues with the number of sponsors on each Cyberhorse Catalogue strictly limited so that viewers can concentrate on their favourite horses.

Cyberhorse Catalogue entries can be submitted by advertisers directly online through the web site. However we also encourage professional equine photographers and marketers to become approved Affiliates. These high quality content providers can earn additional income from their expertise by assisting their clients to gain higher exposure by using Cyberhorse Catalogues.

The major difference in the Cyberhorse Catalogue approach to horse industry marketing is that we reward the viewer for their participation:

  • Each Cyberhorse Catalogue is associated with a competition which awards prizes for viewer participation.
  • Entrants in each Catalogue competition can get extra entries by performing certain actions related to each page in the catalogue. For instance entrants can be asked to answer a question where the advertisers Catalogue page must be read to get the answer. Not only do you know they have read all about your horse or product but we also record how many people did so.
  • Advertisers can provide competition prizes as a part of their promotion.
  • Viewers are also rewarded for sharing your Catalogue page to Facebook and other social media.
  • Advertisers can rely on Cyberhorse's existing audience or they are free to promote the competition to their own mailing list.

Cyberhorse Catalogues will be updated each month so for example Victorian Warmbloods will come out with a new edition every month. However the older Catalogues remain online and can still be found by search engines so they will still work for you.

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