Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Brad Rawiller To Ride In Cup

Brad Rawiller has been confirmed as the replacement rider for his brother Nash aboard Unusual Suspect in Tuesday's Melbourne Cup.

Nash Rawiller lost his bid for a stay of proceedings pending an appeal of a careless riding suspension.

Rawiller was suspended at last week's Bendigo Cup meeting as was Craig Williams.

Both lost appeals before the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board last week and applied to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal for a stay of proceedings.

Williams, who was to have ridden French horse and second favourite Dunaden, was the first to appear before VCAT on Monday.

The two judges rejected the application and said jockeys could not use stays of proceedings for their own convenience to ride in big races.

Christophe Lemaire is Williams' replacement.

The Frenchman flew to Melbourne from Japan on Monday unaware whether he would be riding in the Cup or watching from the grandstand.

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